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Unveil the Essence of Luxury with Walter's Caviar

Walter's Caviar, Darien, GA

Walter's Caviar... A Symphony of Opulence for Your Next Event

Caviar from Royal Ossetra, a species known world-wide for producing the finest caviar for the most demanding connoisseur.

And we are honored to deliver it to you with this simple guarantee, “Our caviar will be the highest quality your money can buy!”

The name “Walter’s Caviar” (formerly Walter’s Seafood & Caviar) is well-known for excellence and has been featured in many media outlets and publications over the years including the Food Network. It’s because we have delivered first-class seafood for over 40 years.

We set the standard for responsible fishing practices and provide our customers with the freshest seafood.

Walter's Caviar

Indulge in the Joy of Giving

Caviar is the Perfect Gift for the Holidays or Any Occasion

because special moments deserve a touch of luxury and delight.

Walter's Caviar
Walter's Caviar

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Walter’s Caviar is available in 12.5 ounce tins for $497.00 and 4.5 ounce tins for $196.00
We ship Monday thru Thursday via FedEx next day delivery.
Use our convenient online order form or contact Rhoda at (912) 602-9424 to order by phone.

Your order will be just as fresh even if delivery is somehow delayed by up to 2 days.

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Phone: (912) 602-9424
(912) 437-6560)